For the Home – Vases

Pinterest pick of the week.

If you don’t know what Pinterest is, check out my previous post Just Pin It. I stumbled upon this little gem of an idea while browsing pin boards this week.

Get some use out of the old bottles and jars that you have been waiting to recycle and paint them an opaque white (or color of your choice) for instant bud vases. This look really makes a flower bouquet go a long way and I love that it is a green approach to decorating.
Tip: If you have bottles or jars with labels, soak them in hot water and the labels will slide right off.

Just Pin It

I don’t care who you are, at one point in your life (if not multiple times a day) you go on the internet to look for something. I’m not talking about looking up information on Wikipedia. I’m talking about looking for a gift, a new hair style, a new color paint for your living room, how to decorate for a party, artistic inspiration, DIY projects. And while you’re looking for something you might find something else. Maybe it’s not what you are looking for, but it has a certain cool-factor that you might share with others. If this sounds like something you might do, you might just fall in love with

In a nut-shell, Pinterest allows you to “pin” images of your favorite things and tag them to your very own virtual pin board.

The key to Pinterest’s success is the ability to pin an image anytime you are browsing on your computer. Once you have set up your account you can drag their “Pin It” link to your bookmarks bar and pin anything anytime. Here is a preview of their “About” page.

And now for a Pinning Demo:

Here is a quick demo using my own images from a previous blog post. First, I navigated to my post – Sketches: The Philadelphia Art Museum (feel free to check them out later). Then I clicked on my handy “Pin It” link in my toolbar, which brought me to this page:

I chose my sketch from Howard Roberts’ La Premiere Post to add to my art-inspired “My Style Pinboard.” I also have boards going for my dream home, favorite places and products that I love. After picking an image, you will come to this screen:

From here. Pick which board you want to pin to, add a description, if it is purchasable add a price, and any search tags you want to add in there (since I sign in to Pinterest with my twitter account, I am also given the option to tweet my pin.) Then Pin It and you are done! The new image shows up here in “My Style Pinboard”:

If you’re not convinced yet, browse through  the “Best of Pinterest” pinboard and see what it is all about. Pinterest is invite-only for now, but you can request your invite on their homepage, or ask me! I have some invites to share, just leave a note below that you would like one. Happy pinning!