an ashley hennigan web log turns 2.7

Turning 27 – A Goal Analysis

Each year on or around my birthday I take a look at the goals I’ve set for myself and do a quick check up. This year I can’t help but notice that I’ve crossed very few items off my bucket list, but have made some incredible progress on many of them. In order to keep things rolling, I’m breaking my bigger goals down into smaller goals for the year.

I can’t say enough about how rewarding it is to actually putting these ideas in writing and publishing them. I was dreaming big 2 years ago when I first wrote my 30 before 30 bucket list. I know most of these goals, big or little, would not cross my mind as often as they do if they weren’t right here for me as a reminder of what I want.

30 things to do before turning 30

3 years and counting…Here’s what’s left!

  1. Backpack through Europe
  2. Become debt free - If this is just ”bad debt” then I’m on my way. I am planning a wedding, however, which could be a problem. I unfortunately expect to see Student Loans on my 40 before 40 list.
  3. Begin an AD&C business - This was important to me when I wrote the list because I wanted to get myself creating art on a regular basis. Perhaps that should have been the goal. I can say the business part is not on the priority list right now.
  4. Build a sand castle - Must plan a beach vacation!
  5. Build a snow man - I really wanted to check this one off this winter, but we didn’t get enough snow! I believe in global warming.
  6. Buy a stock - This is such a quirky goal for me, but I am keeping an eye out for something fun.
  7. Climb a mountain - Must plan a hiking trip this summer!
  8. Complete a NYT crossword puzzle
  9. Defend my Master’s thesis - I really, really have to do this.
  10. Donate $1000 to charity – I’m keeping tabs on this one. Do family count as charity? Regardless, I will make this goal and feel great about it.
  11. Get promotedI was promoted right before I made this list. It’s an interesting goal, but I like it!
  12. Learn how to sail
  13. Paint a self-portrait – Must make time for this! I’m smiling just thinking about it.
  14. Play 18 holes of golf - I am certain that I will need a lesson. I will try to start at the driving range this summer.
  15. Purchase a hybrid car – This is another interesting one. I’m not in the market for a new car just yet, but the environment will be on my mind when the time comes.
  16. Purge my wardrobe – I managed to get through half of my wardrobe last spring, other half needs to go this spring. Less is more.
  17. Read 100 books – I took a look at this goal this past fall and realized I really had to pick up the pace this year. I am keeping up with it now and loving it.
  18. Run a <30 min. 5K - I made good progress on this one in 2010, but then let it slide in 2011. Registering for a race might be the motivation that I need. Any suggestions?
  19. Schedule a physical - Ugh. This is not a fun one, but it should get added to the short list for this year.
  20. Shake hands with a US President
  21. Speak at 5 professional conferencesWow. I will  probably end up meeting this goal, this year alone. I will hopefully be speaking at the dotEDUguru Summit, PSUweb, NYSACAC and NACAC this year!
  22. Start an emergency savings account - OK. Does a wedding savings count? I know it doesn’t.
  23. Take a spontaneous weekend trip – This one is also on the short list for this summer and I think it should be to a state I’ve never been. I’m looking at you Ohio/West Virginia/Tennessee.
  24. Take Ballroom dancing classes - I definitely want to take some dance classes before the wedding.
  25. Tour Washington, DC – Why have I not done this yet?!
  26. Travel with my Dad -My Dad is currently recovering from a hip replacement. I can’t wait for him to heal and take him on one of my traveling adventures.
  27. Travel with my Mom
  28. Visit 30 states (currently at 19/30) - This year I have plans to visit Wisconsin, Colorado, and Michigan.
  29. Volunteer 1000 hours - There are so many great opportunities to serve in the Rochester community. I’m logging these hours and I am always up for new opportunities.
  30. Watch AFI’s top 100 movies – I am not even half way through this list. I think I am going to have bust out the Blockbuster membership while I still can!

12 Mini Goals for 2012

(Updated 3/15/12)

  1. Reorganize my art supplies.
    In order to start a self portrait
  2. Go to the beach. Build a sand castle.
  3. Write up my masters project. GRADUATE!
  4. Keep pushing for opportunities at work.
  5. Hit the driving range.
    If that goes well, hit the course.
  6. Purge the rest of my wardrobe.
  7. Keep reading.
  8. Run. Sign up for a 5K.
  9. Find new doctors. Schedule a physical.
  10. Cross off travel goals with spontaneous weekend trip - A new state with a mountain to climb? Or a DC tour?
  11. Travel to Wisconsin, Colorado, and Illinois and speak at conferences.
  12. Watch all of the Top AFI movies that come to Netflix this year.
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3 thoughts on “an ashley hennigan web log turns 2.7

  1. Great post! I’ll be turning 27 in a few months (February) and I am so excited. I made a 30 before 30 list as well buuuuut I think you have gotten through much more than I have. I’ve actually started a 101 things to do in 1001 days list— which I may be more successful at lol Great post and great blog :)

  2. So glad I stumbled on this. I just launched a lifestyle blog and recently wrote a post on making the transition from a 20-something to a 30-something…nice to find others doing something similar! The 30 before 30 list is a great idea. Hope to see you stop by Looking forward to your future posts!

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