Wedding Gift Ideas

Wine Rack with Occasional Wines:

This is idea is great as a group gift from the bridal party. Buy a wine rack and fill it with bottles for special occasions that will come in the couple’s first year of marriage. Tag them so they know when to use them. They’re first New Year’s Eve, Valentines Day, religious holidays, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Anniversaries, etc.

Recipe + Ingredients and Utensils

Lots of bridal showers these days will send recipe cards in the mail along with the invitation. For me, this is an instant gift idea. I almost always will give a recipe for my mother’s ice cream cake which can’t be made with a spring form pan. Add a gift card to Ben & Jerry’s, a few candy bars, a serving plate and you are good to go.

Custom Champagne Bottle:

Great idea for a shower gift or a wedding gift for the couple’s honeymoon. You can DIY or go to sites like  and have the couple’s names, wedding date, or cute phrase added to a celebratory bottle.

Jewelry Travel Bag

Clearly the bride has gotten a few new jewels recently. Why not upgrade her travel bag too? Spend a little more on a brand that will last. Luggage in general is a nice thought, but the jewelry bag has an extra intimate touch for this occasion. Even if she’s not going on some exotic honeymoon, the bride will deserve to at some point!

Family Tree:

If you are attending a wedding of an immediate family member consider a giving a family tree. It is one of those thoughtful gestures that you think about doing for yourself but never quite get around to. There is also the symbolic gesture associated with adding the new bride or groom to the family. Photo frames, handwritten or printed texts, or actually illustrated trees will work.

Family Recipe Book:

Another thoughtful idea for a family member or close friend-of-the-family is a recipe book. Yes, it can be done on a budget and it will likely turn out to be the most coveted and useful books in the kitchen. Using a book printing site like snapfish will add a touch of class and professionalism that the average recipe card box lacks.

Photo Album:

I got this ingenious idea from a frugal wedding post. With six weddings on my plate this year I have been looking for all of the creative help I can get. I think this one might be a winner. The idea is not your average photo album. For those of you who have been married you know that wedding photos can take weeks or months to get back to you. Albums can come up to a year later. Ok finally the idea – attend the wedding, take photos, and have an album printed for the couple ASAP. Even if you’re not the best photographer (which shouldn’t matter, that’s why they paid for one) they will be thrilled to have an album in front of them to show off to the throngs of people who will be asking for pictures.


If you know where the happy couple will be honeymooning, buy them something for their trip. If they are going to a resort or on a cruise check out gift packages that their host might offer. I’ve done dinner packages and drink tickets at all inclusive resorts and cruises. Excursions are also great ideas, but make sure you know the couple’s taste or ask them first. If they’re going to a foreign country why not give them a wad of cash in the foreign currency? These gift are extra-thoughtful and can be a great surprise!


You can’t go wrong with the registry. You might think it’s impersonal but it is what they couple wants after all and if everyone ignored the registry you would have one bummed married couple on your hands! If all else fails, you know it… CA$H is king.

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